Go read “I, Racist.” Like, now.

Because this, and so much more:

“The reality of America is that White people are fundamentally good, and so when a white person commits a crime, it is a sign that they, as an individual, are bad. Their actions as a person are not indicative of any broader social construct. Even the fact that America has a growing number of violent hate groups, populated mostly by white men, and that nearly *all* serial killers are white men can not shadow the fundamental truth of white male goodness. In fact, we like White serial killers so much, we make mini-series about them.”


A Christian pastor on his hypothetically gay children

I have seen such posts before, but this is a new one, and by new I simply mean recent: John Pavlovitz on how he would treat his children if they someday come out as gay. His post is relevant in light of the controversy surrounding the SCOTUS ruling on marriage, and is impressively sensitive to all gender identities and sexual orientations. I appreciated his insights.