Other posts you should read today

In light of my last post and the decreasing furor surrounding the death of Freddie Gray, here are some other things worth reading.

1. What if the news talked about White people like they do about Black people? In particular, why are Black people responsible as an entirety (the “Black community”) while Whites are afforded more diversity?

2. Why peaceful protest doesn’t always work, though they seems so idyllic. Just think: which cases of Black men being killed by police officers do you remember off the top of your head? Ferguson? Baltimore? Yeah, I thought so.

3. The personal essay that brings us this great quote: “And I have to ask myself a difficult question – who is the worse moral monster: The young man whose hopelessness leads him to jump on the hood of a cop car, or me, a person who has acquiesced to a system that creates justified hopelessness among young people in places like Baltimore?”

4. An always-necessary reminder of White privilege.

5. An important reminder that many Black citizens of Baltimore were also scared of the rioters and looters. 


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