What a wastebasket taught me about privilege

While not as detailed as the bicycle analogy, this is also a fairly insightful incision of white privilege by Nathan Pyle. If you don’t believe it exists yet, look at all the privilege in the comments!


Because #objectification, #white flight, #gentrification

Today’s reading roundup.

Up first, because objectification, because #yesallwomen, because I cannot say enough that catcalls are not compliments: here “An Open Letter to the Men Who Still Don’t Understand Street Harassment” by Drew Bowling (who happens to be a man).

Second, because the issues of community segregation and integration are important, because white flight and gentrification are complicating factors that require space in the conversation, a Washington Post piece by Chicagoan Daniel Hertz.

All About that Beis (Medrash)

A riff on Meghan Trainor’s “All About that Bass,” inspired by my friend Emily Filler’s dissertation title: “All About that Beis (Medrash): modern Jewish Scripture, troubling texts, and the recovery of classical rabbinic hermeneutics.” I hereby present “All About that Beis (Medrash)” by Rebecca Epstein-Levi!

Because you know I’m all about that Beis,
‘Bout that beis, beis (Medrash)
I’m all about that Beis,

‘Bout that beis, beis (Medrash)
I’m all about that Beis,
‘Bout that beis, beis (Medrash)
I’m all about that Beis,
‘Bout that beis, beis, beis, beis.

Yeah, it’s pretty clear
These texts’ll trouble you
But we can read ‘em, read ‘em
Just like we’re ‘sposed to do

‘Cause we’re going back to the sources
That all the scholars chase
Puttin’ all the right derash
In all the right places.

I see those other readers
Saying those texts should drop
We know that shit’s bad style

Come on, now make it stop

If you got classic readings
Just raise them up
‘Cause every word of it is Torah
From the bottom to the top

Yeah, our Rabbis, they told us
Don’t worry about those lies
They said, “read it like us,
“And you’ll see it with brand new eyes
“No it won’t be no gentle, pacific scroll
So if that’s what you’re into,
We think you should go take a stroll.”

We’re bringing Medrash back
Go on and tell those anti-Semites that
We know you want to give us flak
But we’re here to tell you,
Every inch of it is Torah,
from the bottom to the top