Survey Opportunity! Positive negotiation tactics for female professionals

Following a lively debate on LinkedIn about “Negotiating While Female,” a few of the Women Employed Advocacy Council members noticed that the advice for women was all about what NOT to do, and the lack of positivity and proactivity bothered us. Therefore, we decided to explore “Negotiating as Women: Bright Spots for Female Professionals” with a simple 10-question survey. The goal? Get real-world tips and examples from working women (like you?) to help empower and inspire change in our workforces.

After the responses are in by July 31, 2014, the Advocacy Council members above will summarize the results into a blog post and share practical highlights/tips to help women make their mark at work.

This is where you come in! We want to hear your negotiating stories, both at the interview stage and during your tenure at your company/organization (e.g. annual reviews, re-negotiation two years in, etc).

Please take the survey ( and share your experience with us today: *Note: All answers will be anonymous and results will be published in aggregate; no personal information or contact details will be shared at any time.

Please share the survey among friends, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, etc. Thank you, as always, for everything you do and for lending a hand as we find new ways to help working women thrive.


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