Duck Dynasty all over again?

This one’s hard for me. On one hand, once again the viewers have spoken, and a TV show has been cancelled because of the personal sayings and doings (off-set) of the hosts. (Also, please note that I finally figured out how to embed links. So accomplished I am.). It’s so very Duck Dynasty all over again.

I do not like the Behham brothers’ beliefs. I do not agree with their political views, their religious views, and probably many more of their personal opinions. I would even go so far as to say they disgust me and I’m a bit scared of their homophobia.

However, I’m not sure what any of those things have to do with flipping real estate.

HGTV is a fairly liberal network, and has certainly had hosts in the past who protested for gay rights, whose opinions I wholeheartedly agree with. They have also been featured specifically for their inclusion of LGBT individuals in “ordinary” shows. But this still feels to me like two guys getting fired for their personal political and religious beliefs that have no bearing on their ability to renovate and flip homes.

I guess I’m grateful that the public has spoken, and the Benham brothers have to deal with the consequences of low ratings… assuming that is what the outcome would be if HGTV let it “get that far.”

What do you think? Have the people spoken, or is this a form of discrimination?

One last thought. The brothers say their “faith” cost them the show. That bothers me. It wasn’t faith. It was the outward expression of a misguided Christianity that caused them to lose the show. Saying it was faith is deliberately self-righteous.


3 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty all over again?

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