Why middle America must not give up on protecting LGBT workers

Just because DOMA’s dead, doesn’t mean equality has been achieved

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

Image Joel Engardio

By Joel Engardio, Out & Equal Associate Director of Communications

It’s easy to assume gay Americans have it good each time another state allows same-sex marriage and Ellen’s TV show gets renewed for a new season. From pop-culture to official wedding vows, acceptance of gay people has come a long way.

Yet it’s still perfectly legal to fire someone in 29 states based on sexual orientation — 33 on gender identity. Michigan is one of the states where openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) residents work at their own risk.

That’s why Saginaw, Michigan can’t give up on the LGBT non-discrimination ordinance that was indefinitely postponed by the city council last week. It’s well known you can’t fire someone because of their religion, sex or race, but sexual orientation and gender identity isn’t on the list in most places. This lack of workplace protection means a lot…

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