What are we all here for?

I had originally begun this post: “First step – create a folder in your inbox labeled ‘Conception.'” I thought that I could somehow write just one blog, for my diverse interests. I said to myself that my babyloss should not be a separate blog, like it is something hidden and secret and sacred. It should be known. People need to know that babies die.

But then… it just didn’t seem right. My babyloss community is simply other than my professional community. So I have revisited this post to explain. This will not be a blog on losing a baby. That site is here: babylossmama.wordpress.com.

Instead, this will also be a forum, at times, on gay apologetics. It makes me so angry when people don’t get it, who see me only as a stereotype. Who have not met anyone like me, like my wife (whom I’ll call K), middle-class white women with graduate degrees and “straight” faces. I keep thinking, hoping, that if they just met us, maybe they would think differently. I have so many arguments, both good ones and circular ones, as to why we should be allowed the same rights and roles as anyone else in society (note: not just us women who might not look the stereotype, but people of all beautiful differences). I plan to address some here, to leave a legacy to my child that I did something, at least, to help the cause. I can use my words if I can’t do anything else.

I’ll also tackle women’s issues. Why? Because I am one. Do we ever need even that reason to fight for justice? This will, then, also be a place to rant about how colors are for everyone, how gendering clothing and play and CHILDREN does more harm than good – though some of that content may overlap at times on my other blog, especially if, when I get to parent a child who lives.

Please feel free to come, and stay, and share, and comment nicely. If you don’t like what I post, please leave quietly. I won’t lie; I’m not interested in debate here. Isn’t that what Facebook is for? I’m looking froward to meeting you.


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